UBL International Conference 2008 Moves to Italy

As confirmation of the growing interest within Europe and especially Italy for the Universal Business Language (UBL) OASIS Standard, as the lingua franca of eBusiness, the third annual UBL International Conference will be held in Rome. UBL 2008 follows previous successful events in Copenhagen (2006) and Madrid (2007). The conference represents an important forum for those interested in interoperability, Open Standards and Open Source. There will be presentations on the current state and future prospects for UBL including e-Invoicing development, as well as UBL’s deployment within the ebXML framework (electronic business XML).

UBL International will run from April 21st until the 24th at the headquarters of the Italian National Council of Economy and Labour (CNEL) which is endorsing the conference.

The first day, April 21st will be a full day of free presentations including an ebXML workshop sponsored by OASIS,
the international open standards consortium that ratified and continues to advance UBL.

The remainder of the conference will be a series of professional development seminars facilitated by some of world’s leading experts. Hosted by Document Engineering Services, this will be a unique opportunity for Italian companies to learn about the UBL standard directly from its developers.

The UBL International Conference is organized by Crane Softwrights Ltd and the FTI (Information Technology Forum), UBL ITALIA. The conference involves a number of supporting organizations, including OASIS, UNI (the Italian national

standardization body), and three Italian professional associations of managers of the Financial Value Chain (CFOs, Treasurers and Credit Managers).

A call for additional sponsors, presentations and seminars is currently open and available to both Italian and international organizations.

More information about the event and its organization is available at:

  • http://www.ublconference.org
  • http://www.ubl-italia.org
  • http://events.oasis-open.org/home/ebxml/2008

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