Business Interoperability Interfaces (CEN BII)

CEN/ISSS Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public  procurement in Europe (CENBII)

This information can be retrieved from the original source: Business Interoperability Interfaces (CEN BII) Specifications

The CENBII specification is a mean to facilitate effective public procurement solution with focus on cross-border interoperability and closing the gap between systems built on UN/CEFACT and OASIS/UBL 2.0; they can be used to create interoperability between users of the two standards.

The CWA contains the following deliverables:

Part 0 Introduction
Part 1
Profile overview (message contents and business processes) for public procurement processes. The descriptions will in detail show their fields of application so that the needed ones can be selected.
Part 2 UBL-UN/CEFACT convergence describing the differences and mapping between UN/CEFACT CCL as well as ISO 20022 Invoice related requirements and the BII Workshop requirements . The mapping will show how messages from the standards can be used to support interoperability by use of the profiles.
Part 3 A toolbox requirements for how to use the profiles for implementation. The toolbox will guide the implementation of profiles for owners of systems based on one of the two standards.
Part 4 Evaluation guidelines for testing and piloting for applications using the profiles.
Methodology and guidelines for testing and piloting are essential for all implementations, so also for interoperability by use of the profiles. Such documentation is therefore a main part of the deliverable.

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